2019 OCAA Golf Championships

Cataraqui Golf and Country Club

September 30 - October 2, 2019


SLC Athletics is excited for the opportunity to host the 2019 Belairdirect OCAA Men's and Women's Golf Provincial Championship in October at the prestigious Cataraqui Golf and Country Club in Kingston, Ontario. St. Lawrence College is a proud member of the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) and the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA).

St. Lawrence College's Kingston campus is home to the brand new Student Life and Innovation Centre that hosted the the 2019 Women's Basketball Championship and look forward to bringing a similar experience for OCAA Golf. Cataraqui Golf and Country Club is located directly adjacent to SLC, making it the ideal location for an OCAA championship tournament.


Date Teams/Event Time Score Links
Mon. 30 at Cataraqui Golf & Country Club 9:00 am
  Round 1
Tue. 1 at Cataraqui Golf & Country Club 9:00 am
  Round 2
Wed. 2 at Cataraqui Golf & Country Club 9:00 am
  Round 3



KINGSTON, Ont. - Back-to-back scores of 72 were enough to hold off all challengers as Fanshawe's Thomas Code (Dorchester, Ont.) won the gold medal at the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association Golf Championships.


KINGSTON, Ont. - A couple of Humber Hawks are perched atop the women's leaderboard after two rounds of the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association Golf Championships.


KINGSTON, Ont. - Thomas Code (Dorchester, Ont.) of Fanshawe shot an impressive opening round 65 to take a three-stroke lead into the clubhouse in the opening round of the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association Golf Championships.


KINGSTON, Ont. - The Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) will hand out its first medals of the 2019-20 varsity season when its top golfers compete at the OCAA Golf Championships.


KINGSTON - St. Lawrence College (SLC) has been selected as the host college for the 2019 Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) Golf Championships from Sept. 29 to Oct. 2, 2019 after a successful bid presentation at the OCAA Annual General Meeting in Toronto in May.


Confederation Thunderhawks

Durham Lords

Falcons Falcons

Fleming Knights

Georgian Grizzlies

Humber Hawks

Lakehead Orillia Thunderwolves

Mohawk Mountaineers

Knights Knights

St. Clair Saints

St. Lawrence Vikings




Previous Men's Team Champions

Season Gold Silver Bronze Gold Silver Bronze
2018-19 Humber Fanshawe St. Lawrence St. Clair Mohawk Seneca
2017-18 Humber Georgian Durham Niagara St. Lawrence-K Sault
2016-17 Niagara* Georgian Humber Seneca St. Clair Mohawk
2015-16 Niagara Humber Georgian St. Clair Mohawk Confederation
2014-15 Humber Georgian Durham Mohawk Fleming Sault
2013-14 Humber Georgian Niagara Mohawk St. Clair Durham
2012-13 Humber* Georgian Niagara Fanshawe St. Lawrence-B Mohawk
2011-12 Humber* Georgian Durham Fleming-P Mohawk Confederation
2010-11 Humber* Durham Georgian Seneca Fleming-P St. Lawrence-K
2009-10 Humber* Georgian Durham Cambrian St. Lawrence-K George Brown
2008-09 Humber Niagara Durham Fleming-P St. Lawrence-K Boreal
2007-08 Humber* Niagara St. Clair Fleming-P Confederation Boreal
2006-07 Humber* Durham Niagara Fleming-P George Brown Fleming-L
2005-06 Durham Humber Niagara* Confederation Fanshawe Fleming-P
2004-05 Durham Humber* Georgian Fanshawe Confederation Fleming-P
2003-04 Humber* Niagara Durham Fanshawe St. Clair  George Brown
2002-03 Humber* Niagara Durham      
2001-02 Humber* Niagara  Durham      
2000-01 Humber Georgian Niagara      
1999-2000 Georgian Humber Fleming-P      
1998-99 Georgian Humber Fleming-P      
1997-98 Humber Georgian St. Lawrence-B      
1996-97 Humber Fleming-P Georgian      
1995-96 Durham Mohawk St. Clair      
1994-95 Seneca Niagara Durham      
1993-94 Durham Fleming-P St. Clair      
1992-93 Fanshawe Sheridan Mohawk       
1991-92 Mohawk Fleming-P Niagara       
1990-91 Centennial Fleming-P Fanshawe       
1989-90 Durham Georgian Fleming-P, Mohawk      
1988-89 Durham Seneca Canadore       
1987-88 Seneca Fanshawe Georgian      
1986-87 Fanshawe Sheridan, Seneca        
1985-86 Conestoga Sheridan Fanshawe      
1984-85 Conestoga Canadore Niagara, St. Clair      
1983-84 Sheridan          
1982-83 Georgian Conestoga Sheridan      
1981-82 Sheridan Mohawk Humber      
1980-81 Georgian Mohawk Humber      
1979-80 Seneca Humber St. Lawrence-K      
1978-79 Mohawk          
1977-78 Humber          
1976-77 Humber          
1975-76 Niagara          
1974-75 Humber          
1973-74 Humber          
1972-73 Algonquin          
1971-72 Centennial          
1970-71 Centennial          
1969-70 Seneca          
1968-69 Mohawk          
1967-68 Mohawk          
*Won National Championship


Previous Men's Individual Champions

Season Gold Silver Bronze
2018-19 Braydon White, Fanshawe Cameron Griffin, Humber  
    Brady Zordan, Georgian  
2017-18 Conner Watt, Humber Cameron Brennan, Humber Nic Francis, Mohawk
2016-17 Josiah Dixon, Niagara* Christian McCullough, Humber Evan Littlefield, Niagara
2015-16 Evan Littlefield, Niagara Scott Benzoni, Humber Josiah Dixon, Niagara
      Christian McCullough, Humber
2014-15 Michael Rizzetto, Mohawk Eric Pattenaude, Lambton Spencer Dunseith, Fanshawe
      Brennan Smith, St. Lawrence-K
2013-14 Christian McCullough, Humber Alex Dumais, Humber  
    Colton Kalkanis, Georgian*  
2012-13 Colton Kalkanis, Georgian* Mitchel Kennedy, Seneca Alex Dumais, Humber
2011-12 Mark Hoffman, Humber Adrian Cord, Humber* Alex Dumais, Humber
      Brennan Smith, St. Lawrence-K
2010-11 Mark Hoffman, Humber Adrian Cord, Humber Ryan Curran, Niagara
2009-10 Mike Zizek, Humber Taylor Booth, Fanshawe Joey Burton, Georgian
2008-09 Mike Zizek, Humber James Castle, Humber James Dorion, St. Clair
      James Hoffman, Durham
      Rob Lewis, Durham
      Brett Pearl, Humber
2007-08 Matt Hunter, Niagara Matt Sloan, Humber  
    Mike Zizek, Humber  
2006-07 James Castle, Humber Wes Ledouceur, Fanshawe Matt Sloan, Humber
  Tyler Martin, Durham Mike Mattola, Niagara  
  Ryan Willoughby, Humber    
2005-06 Will Mitchell, Durham Jeremy Brimble, Durham Chris MacDonald, St. Lawrence-K
    Tyler Martin, Durham*  
2004-05 Tyler Martin, Durham Dave McDonald, Humber David Owens, St. Clair
2003-04 Robert Pelletier, Niagara Brad Kerfoot, Humber Jason McGrath, Humber
2002-03 Jim Currie, Humber Maxime Barre, Niagara Mike Rutgers, St. Clair
    Jason McGrath, Humber  
2001-02 Jon Hackett, Humber Justin Mayer, Durham Maxime Barre, Niagara
      Ron Horton, Niagara
2000-01 Mike Rose, Humber David Glasby, Georgian Brandon Dixon, Georgian
    Geoff Mahar, Humber  
    Andrew Oke, Georgian  
1999-2000 Graham Hegler, Georgian Matt Peavoy, Fleming-P Adam Glenn, Humber
      Steve Oostrom, St. Lawrence-K
1998-99 Graham Hegler, Georgian Dan McNeely, Humber Brandon Dixon, Georgian
      Steve Searle, Humber
1997-98 Pat Treude, Humber Dan McNeeley, Humber Dave Cooke, St. Lawrence-B
1996-97 Pat Treude, Humber Shawn Beatty, Fleming-P Mark Dickie, Georgian
1995-96 Mike Stauffer, Durham    
1994-95 Tim Caine, Fleming-P Dennis Randall, Niagara Jeff Ruiter, St. Clair
1993-94 Paul Strother, Seneca Tim Caine, Fleming-P Mike Stauffer, Durham
1992-93 Rob Gribbons, Canadore Brock Horton, Sheridan Pat Preston, Niagara
1991-92 Ryan Hughes, Durham Pat Gavey, Mohawk Chris Wilson, Niagara
1990-91 Ryan Hughes, Durham Paul Strothers, Seneca Jean Paul Beddard, Centennial
1989-90 Ryan Hughes, Durham John Harris, Fleming-P Pat Gavey, Mohawk
1988-89 Ryan Hughes, Durham Mark Atkinson, Fleming-P Dan Pettigrew, Canadore
1987-88 Gabe Rapini, Seneca Adrian Viney, Niagara Dan Tremblay, Sault
1986-87 Gabe Rapini, Seneca Steve Stewart, Conestoga John Danford, Georgian
1985-86 Mike Poutenan, St. Lawrence-B John Danford, Georgian  
1984-85 Rob Rogerson, Sheridan Grant Fullerton, Canadore Dan Weichers, Conestoga
1983-84 Steve Irving, Georgian    
1982-83 Steve Irving, Georgian Dave Crowe, St. Lawrence-K  
1981-82 Steve Irving, Georgian    
1980-81 Tom Jackson, Humber Kevin Kelly, Mohawk Derek Divok, Humber
      Jim Garner, Georgian
1979-80 Wayne Ritchie, St. Lawrence-B    
1978-79 Jed Allick, Northern    
1977-78 Jim Goddard, Humber    
1976-77 Peter Hilbert, Lambton    
1975-76 Alex Bober, Fanshawe    
1974-75 Rick Haynes, St. Clair    
1973-74 Craig Patterson, Mohawk    
1972-73 Brian Harrocks, Algonquin    
1971-72 Ted Holland, Centennial    
1970-71 D. Hay, Sheridan    
1969-70 Bill Wolski, St. Clair    
1968-69 L. Bradshaw, Seneca    
1967-68 Dan Hasson, St. Clair    
*Won National Championship

Other National Champions from OCAA include: David Lang (Humber) 2010-11; Chris Hargest (Niagara) 2009-10; James Castle (Humber) 2007-08; Lee French (Humber) and Will Mitchell (Durham) 2006-07; Mike Sizek (Humber) 2004-03; Ryan Lamb (Humber) 2002-03.


Previous Women's Team Champions

Season Gold Silver Bronze
2018-19 Fanshawe    
2017-18 Humber Georgian  
2016-17 Georgian* Humber Seneca
2015-16 Georgian Humber* St. Clair
2014-15 St. Clair Georgian Humber
2013-14 Humber St. Clair Georgian
2012-13 St. Clair Durham Georgian
2011-12 Durham* Georgian  
2010-11 Durham*    
2009-10 Humber    
2008-09 Humber*    
2007-08 Humber* Georgian Fanshawe
2006-07 Humber Georgian Fanshawe
2005-06 Durham St. Clair* Humber
2004-05 Humber Durham Georgian 
2003-04 Humber* Georgian Durham 
2002-03 Georgian* Humber Boreal 
2001-02 Georgian Humber Boreal 
2000-01 Georgian* Humber  
1999-2000 Humber Georgian  
*Won National Championship


Previous Women's Individual Champions

Season Gold Silver Bronze
2018-19 Alyssa Stoddart, Fanshawe Hayley McCallum, Humber Olivia Banton, Humber
2017-18 Emilie Tyndall, Georgian Sheila McKeen, Humber Jordon Newlands, Humber
2016-17 Lorelle Weavers, Niagara Addison Wallwin, Georgian* Sheila McKeen, Humber
2015-16 Lorelle Weavers, Niagara Emilie Tyndall, Georgian Sheila McKeen, Humber
2014-15 Adrienne D'Alessio, Humber Lorelle Weavers, Niagara* Ashley Unrau, St. Clair
2013-14 Adrienne D'Alessio, Humber Chloe Wells, Georgian Heather MacKenzie, St. Clair
2012-13 Tiffany Albath, Durham Heather MacKenzie, St. Clair Ashley Unrau, St. Clair
2011-12 Tiffany Albath, Durham Kayleigh Kraemer, Durham Jasmine Patton, Georgian
2010-11 Kayleigh Kraemer, Durham Tiffany Albath, Durham Michelle Lee, Humber
      Jasmine Patton, Georgian
2009-10 Danielle Green, Humber Kayleigh Kraemer, Durham Bev Peel, Humber
2008-09 Danielle Dunlop, Niagara Maggie Trainor, Humber Shauna Wilde, Humber
2007-08 Maggie Trainor, Humber Jamie Steedman, Humber Shauna Wilde, Humber*
2006-07 Hillary Salvian, Humber Stephanie Brown, Durham Shauna Wilde, Humber
2005-06 Stephanie Brown, Durham Michelle Charron, St. Clair Brittany Caldwell, Durham
    Julie VanEvery, Georgian  
2004-05 Eva Kovacs, Humber Amanda Brown, Georgian Stephanie Brown, Durham
2003-04 Jamie Trowbridge, Humber Leslie Painter, Humber Wendy Shackleton, Georgian
2002-03 Katie Ferguson, Georgian* Sarah Dombroskie, Humber Jamie Trowbridge, Humber
2001-02 Katie Ferguson, Georgian Sarah Dombroskie, Humber Bonnie Tasker, Georgian
2000-01 Lisa Proctor, Humber Katie Ferguson, Georgian* Gina Hosie, Georgian
1999-2000 Angela MacDonald, Humber Lisa Proctor, Humber Sue Westwood, Georgian
1998-99 Angela MacDonald, Humber Lisa Proctor, Humber Sue Westwood, Georgian
1997-98 Kerri Moffat, Humber    
*Won National Championship