2019 OCAA Women's Softball Championship

Fanshawe College, London

October 18-19, 2019


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Fanshawe Athletics is excited to host the 2019 OCAA Women's Softball Provincial Championship to be held October 17-19, 2019 at Fanshawe College. Fanshawe is a proud member of the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) and the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA). Fanshawe Athletics is committed to provide an exceptional student-athlete centred experience.



LONDON, Ont. - Fanshawe Athletics announced today that they have been selected to host the 2019 OCAA Women's Softball Championship from Friday, Oct.18 to Saturday, Oct. 19. This is the first time Fanshawe has hosted the OCAA Women's Softball Championship.


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Season Gold Silver Bronze
2018-19 Durham St. Clair Fanshawe
2017-18 Durham St. Clair Mohawk
2016-17 Durham St. Clair Fanshawe
2015-16 Durham Humber Fanshawe
2014-15 St. Clair Conestoga Durham
2013-14 Humber St. Clair Conestoga
2012-13 Humber Durham St. Clair
2011-12 Durham Humber St. Clair
2010-11 Durham St. Clair Mohawk
2009-10 St. Clair Durham Seneca
2008-09 St. Clair Durham Mohawk
2007-08 Durham Mohawk St. Clair
2006-07 Durham St. Clair Mohawk
2005-06 St. Clair Durham Mohawk
2004-05 Durham Seneca Mohawk
2003-04 Durham Seneca Mohawk
2002-03 Durham Canadore Mohawk
2001-02 Mohawk Durham Conestoga
2000-01 Durham Seneca Mohawk
1999-2000 Seneca Durham Mohawk
1998-99 Durham Conestoga Mohawk
1997-98 Durham Seneca Conestoga
1996-97 Conestoga Seneca Mohawk
1995-96 Conestoga Durham Seneca
1994-95 Durham Conestoga Mohawk
1993-94 Seneca Durham Mohawk
1992-93 Durham Seneca Mohawk
1991-92 Durham Seneca Conestoga
1990-91 Conestoga Mohawk Seneca
1989-90 Conestoga Durham Loyalist
1988-89 Conestoga Loyalist Durham
1987-88 Seneca Durham Loyalist
1986-87 Seneca Conestoga Centennial
1985-86 Seneca Centennial Durham
1984-85 Durham Seneca Centennial
1983-84 Durham Centennial Seneca
1982-83 Durham Seneca St. Lawrence-K
1981-82 Seneca Sheridan Durham