2019 OCAA Women's Soccer Championship

Redeemer University College, Ancaster

October 23-26, 2019


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The Championship will be played at the Redeemer Sports Complex, located in Ancaster. This state-of-the-art facility boasts impressive FIFA regulation sized outdoor and indoor artificial turf fields.


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Season Gold Silver Bronze
2018-19 Fanshawe Humber Durham
2017-18 Algonquin Humber Fanshawe
2016-17 Algonquin Humber Cambrian
2015-16 Algonquin Seneca St. Clair
2014-15 Seneca Algonquin Cambrian
2013-14 Algonquin Seneca Humber
2012-13 Humber Fanshawe Centennial
2011-12 Humber Algonquin Fanshawe
2010-11 Humber Fanshawe Algonquin
2009-10 Fanshawe Durham Humber
2008-09 Humber Algonquin Seneca
2007-08 Durham Humber Algonquin
2006-07 Durham Algonquin Humber
2005-06 Fanshawe Sheridan Mohawk
2004-05 Durham Humber Sheridan
2003-04 Durham Algonquin Fleming-P
2002-03 Algonquin Durham Humber
2001-02 Humber Algonquin Fanshawe
2000-01 Humber Centennial Mohawk
1999-2000 Humber Mohawk St. Clair
1998-99 Mohawk Humber Seneca
1997-98 Durham Algonquin Mohawk
1996-97 Fanshawe Conestoga Algonquin
1995-96 Seneca Fanshawe Conestoga 
1994-95 Fanshawe Centennial Conestoga
1993-94 Fanshawe Fleming-P Durham
1992-93 Conestoga Durham Fanshawe
1991-92 Conestoga Fanshawe Loyalist
1990-91 Seneca Redeemer Fanshawe
1989-90 Fanshawe George Brown Mohawk
1988-89 St. Clair Loyalist Lambton
1987-88 St. Lawrence-K St. Clair Fleming-P
1986-87 Algonquin    
1985-84 Algonquin St. Lawrence-K Fleming-P 
1984-83 Sheridan Algonquin St. Lawrence-K